Color. As nature intended. DayGlo Elara Luxe™ – Showcased Formulation

Dayglo Gci2305 Lead

Bronzers that illuminate, lipsticks that radiate and nail polishes that shimmer. For the first time, clean beauty products can have the intense, rich palette that customers crave. With our new line of fluorescent pigments, you can create clean beauty and personal care products with a breadth and intensity of color never before possible.

Elara Luxe embodies clean beauty standards and defines a new class of cosmetic colorants manufactured from all-natural rice protein; a powerful fusion of nature and technology. The first of its kind, anywhere in the world.

Why Elara Luxe?

  • Fluorescent pigment technology for color enhancing hues
  • Formulated to meet clean beauty standards
  • Based on all-natural rice protein
  • Inherently biodegradable
  • Microplastics free
  • Vegan / Kosher / Halal

This is a celebration of possibility—to imagine depth of color only seen in nature—and now it's available to you, but only with Elara Luxe from DayGlo.

Harnessing the newest innovation in fluorescent color technology, we present a game-changing lipstick formula featuring Elara Luxe™ pigment in the DayGlo signature Corona Magenta™ shade. Interested in seeing the full formulation, and others that will transform the way you think about color? Download the formula and try it for yourself by requesting a sample of Elara Luxe pigments.

Elara Luxe.

Beyond color.



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