Naturally detoxify urban skin


Toxins are everywhere around us: in the food and water we absorb, the air we breathe, our homes and gardens. Even with its natural detoxification mechanisms, our body can be overwhelmed. The result visibly appears on the skin, which biological functions are dysregulated: sebocytes produce excess of sebum and skin becomes dull.

To support the skin’s detoxification mechanism, BioDTox™ relies on ingredients well-known for their detox properties: citrus bioflavonoids, aloe polyphenols, and brassica sulforaphane. Recent tests showed that after application of a foaming cleanser containing 2% of BioDTox, sebum spot surface was decreased by 14.51% and sebum spot numbers by 12.37%. A clinical study was conducted on volunteers with a dull complexion and oily skin in the highly polluted city of Wuhan (China). Results showed that after a full day passed in this polluted environment, cleansing the skin with a solution containing BioDTox improved skin radiance by 18%.


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