When Makeup Becomes Skin Care and Vice Versa


According to a recent NPD Group report, 90% of all U.S. women using makeup reported using some with skin care benefits. Discover how color cosmetics can bring long-term benefits to the skin and much more on the hybrid make-up essential trend.

As consumer demand for makeup with skin care benefits increases, there are numerous opportunities for cosmetic manufacturers to promote the hybridization of makeup and skin care.

For example, environmental aggressions being a major concern, makeup could act as another layer of protection through the incorporation of active ingredients and provide hydration and protection against pollution.

High performing makeup that goes beyond simply covering and concealing and which really takes care of the skin are required. Even more as consumers constantly strive for a more natural look and prefer lightweight makeup textures.

Sederma, as an international leader in the development of active ingredients and innovative concepts for personal care, offers a broad range of cosmetic actives, which bring the desired skin care benefits and possess proven efficacy in vitro and in vivo.


Majestem® Drypure, the powder version of the renowned Majestem®, improves the quality of the skin and reduces lines while protecting against pollution damage.

Results of the clinical study before (left) and after two months (right): 

And to know more, download the presentation and the recording of our latest HYBRID MAKE-UP seminarAnd to know more, download the presentation and the recording of our latest HYBRID MAKE-UP seminar


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