SymControl® Scalp - a sustainable microalgae for a healthy hair & scalp


Based on a microalgae from the Mediterranean Sea, this patented combination of the Tetraselmis suecica algae and naturally occurring mannitol has been found to offer a clean sensation on the hair and scalp by effectively normalizing sebum production and extending time between washings. In addition, SymControl® Scalp is designed to protect the hair and scalp from environmental stress and damage from UV radiation, making hair healthier, as well as restoring shine.

For the development of the ingredient, Symrise experts created a screening tool to test sebum reduction in the hair and scalp. This ex vivo model utilizes sebaceous gland cultures to show a reduction in the over-production of sebum, as well as an in vivo study to support these results in real life conditions.    

The ingredient is 99.4% natural in origin and based on the renewable microalgae Tetraselmis suecica, which is COSMOS, Halal and Kosher-certified. The microalgae is produced by a sustainable, environmentally-friendly production process utilizing sunlight and carbon dioxide. This ingredient is a fantastic fit for formulators who are looking to incorporate sustainable ingredients in their products.

“As an expert in hair and scalp care, we make sure that we are always up to date and that we develop highly effective, sustainable solutions for our customers,” says Marcia Paula, global product director for hair care at Symrise. “We often find inspiration in nature with its wealth of valuable raw materials. It lies in our DNA to identify innovative modes of action, natural substances and sustainable production.”

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