SymControl® Scalp – sustainable ingredient to normalize and balance the scalp


Symrise, at the cutting edge of technology, has developed an avant-garde marine ingredient to bring a natural (99.4% of natural origin content) and easy-to-use solution addressing oily scalp at its true origin. We strongly believe that beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp.

SymControl® Scalp is based on a renewable microalgae from the Mediterranean Sea – Tetraselmis Suecica – which is sustainably produced by blue biotechnology. Selected for its natural ability to protect itself against environmental stress, we identified that mannitol – naturally occurring in this microalgae – was also able to normalize sebum secretion on the scalp. Based on this discovery, we supplemented the microalgae extract with mannitol and patented its unique combination for enhanced sebo-regulating effect.

SymControl® Scalp targets the common pathway to sebum over-production by balancing the expression of COX-2, a key mediator involved in sebum secretion. Proven efficacy on scalp oiliness & visible results on hair appearance will allow you to extend time between shampoos.

Scalp is less oily/greasy and is clean, purified and more comfortable. 

Benefits include: Cosmos/Eco-Cert approved, China compliant, water-soluble, and suitable for both leave-on and rinse-off.

Consumers with oily hair and scalp have to wash their hair every day due to excess of sebum, lack of volume, dirty appearance and scalp discomfort. Indeed, 26% of global consumers has oily scalp and 72% reported greasy hair. Stress, pollution, UV rays, diet but also harsh treatments trigger a common reaction sequence in the scalp involving sebum over-secretion.

We identify that mannitol, naturally occurring polyol contained in the microalgae, is one of the ingredients that modulates the sebum production. In order to provide effective results, even in shampoo, it was developed this new active that is a combination of Tetraselmis suecica extract enhanced by mannitol.

Two In vivo studies showed that this ingredient visibly reduces the accumulation of sebum on scalp  in just 1 week. It reduces the appearance of oily hair (+66% of improvement) in only 1 week and 92% of volunteers have less greasy hair appearance just after 1 week.


We have developed our microalgae extract in a sustainable way, with a production process having a low impact on the environment and with a soft extraction method.

Tetraselmis suecica biomass is sustainably produced by Blue Biotechnology in photobioreactors, using outdoor solar energy and up-cycled CO2. The recovery process reduces the environmental impact of CO2 that would otherwise go into the atmosphere.

Regarding the extraction process of the active fraction, only water is used to limit the rejection of harmful solvents into the environment. 


Stress, pollution, UV rays, diet and harsh hair treatment can cause reaction sequence in the scalp involving sebum over-secretion.

Proven efficacy on scalp oiliness:

Visibly reduces the accumulation of sebum on scalp:

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