Peptides: a ‘must have’ for a successful cosmetic product!


Skin care, hair care, body care, sun care,... peptides are present everywhere in cosmetics. The figures speak for themselves: between 1,600 and 2,000 new products dedicated to skin care containing peptides are launched every year in the world1 and this trend does not seem to be weakening. One of the main reasons for this is because certain peptides took cosmetics and consumer expectations to a higher level.

Why are peptides so successful?

To put it simply, because they work and that’s what the consumer is searching for.

Peptides are small linear chains of amino-acids (AA) naturally present in the body. Proteins are also composed of amino-acids, but they are bigger: some hundreds of AA for proteins vs max 20 AA for peptides. Keep in mind however, that since all peptides are not equal, it is important to clearly understand the difference.

Only very select endogenous peptides are involved in cell metabolism as upstream regulating messengers. It means that only a select few peptides, with very specific amino acid sequences, can ‘control’ one or more protein’s production pathway. It works like a key and a keyhole: specific peptide sequences trigger specific protein production and when it comes to skin proteins like collagens or elastin, the cosmetic interest becomes clear.

Sederma, as the forerunner in peptide development for cosmetic applications, has identified several sequences of amino acids stimulating the production of molecules having a primary role in the maintenance of the skin properties. These Matrikines™ - extracellular matrix-derived peptides - are replicas of endogenous skin peptide fragments that mimic their action. To a certain extent peptides can be considered as ‘natural’ active ingredients thanks to their Biomimetic Action– another big beauty trend that consumers are looking for.

What type of beauty benefits can peptides bring?

ANTI-WRINKLE benefits can be achieved with Sederma’s Matrixyl® range: Matrixyl® 3000, Matrixyl® synthe’6™ and the new comer Matrixyl® Morphomics™ which visibly reduces vertical lines in 6 weeks:

Anti-Wrinkle Sederma

FIRMING benefits could be provided by Idealift®. This product fights against skin sagging and improves resistance to gravity:

Anti_Aging2 Sederma

FIGHT AGAINST PREMATURE HAIR LOSS with Procapil®. This product fortifies and rejuvenates hair follicle to prevent hair loss for both men and women.

Hair Loss Sederma

EYE CONTOUR: Haloxyl™ decreases dark circles while Eyeliss™ reduces bags and puffiness under the eyes.

Eye Contour Sederma

Lip plumping with Volulip™ and Maxi-lip™. Prevent and repair stretch marks with Regestril™, and a host of other benefits…


To know more about our peptide range, please contact us and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards of success with your product as well!


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