Timeless Beauty, the everlasting quest for skin longevity


Timeless Beauty: The everlasting quest for skin longevity

I. The paradigm of cutaneous destiny

The integration of cutting-edge scientific approaches in the functionality of innovative cosmetics has the promise to usher in a new paradigm of cutaneous destiny and ease the ravages of time on health and beauty.

II. Cellular senescence in the skin

The principal cell of connective tissue, the fibroblast, is endowed with a set capital of divisions and once spent the onset of cell senescence begins. This is an irreversible state in which the fibroblast can no longer divide yet remains metabolically active, secreting a cocktail of inflammatory molecules that deteriorate the functioning of neighboring cells.

III. An advanced strategy to reactivate the youth of the skin

SENEVISIUM® is a powerful anti-aging concentrate. Its development was inspired by the Ginkgo biloba tree, recognized for its exceptional longevity. By optimizing the value of the molecular richness found in its leaves, SENEVISIUM® helps circumvent the “immunoevasion” strategies of senescent fibroblasts and reactivates their natural elimination by the immune system. The skin recovers its density and elasticity for an anti-wrinkle and radiance-boosting action.

Symbolic of youth and longevity, myrtle was the inspiration for the design of LONGEVICELL®. This active ingredient promotes the expression of markers of cell longevity, and controls signaling pathways and glycation phenomena. Therefore, it reduces the skin aging signs by blurring wrinkles.

Obtained from the marigold flower, rich in oligosaccharides, EPIGENOMYL® limits modifications of the epigenome resulting from age and external aggressions. It enables the organism to adapt to environmental stress and limit skin aging: it smooths microrelief, attenuates wrinkles and increases elasticity of the skin.

“Timeless Beauty” is one chapter in Silab’s commitment to fight cell senescence, through the selection of three natural, high performance, active ingredients.


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