New Boston round bottles: Storytelling packaging from EPOPACK


EPOPACK believes a cosmetic brand can be eco-friendly and luxurious at the same time. Customers don’t need to sacrifice their sense of style in order to make an eco-friendly choice for their brand. At EPOPACK, we provide customers not just a container but a storyteller––the storytelling packaging.

EPOPACK is introducing a series of PET heavy wall bottles in Boston round shape which can be an alternative for glass containers without changing the look. PET heavy wall bottles are safer, cheaper and easier for shipping and manufacturing when compared with glass. This packaging has eco-friendly features (PET material) and luxury style (heavy wall style) at the same time. PET heavy wall bottles can be highly customizable by a wide range of attachments (ex: pump/ cap/ dropper options) and various decoration services (ex: printing, hot stamping, spray color etc.).

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