A Premium Collection of Stock Packaging with an Elegant Fluted Aesthetic


HCP has evolved a selection of popular stock packs with an ultra-chic, fluted design: the Radii Square Pressed Powder Compact, the Fusion Glass Lip Glosses and the Fusion Mini and Trimline lipsticks. The fluted aspect of the pack can be color-matched, sprayed or metallized to add an extra touch of luxury.


Radii Square Domed Fluted Pressed Powder Compact - 98N (59mm well)

The Radii Square Pressed Powder compact is now available with a decorative top-plate featuring an ultra-stylish fluted design.


Fusion Fluted Lipsticks - Mini: 68M   |   Trimline: 69E

The Fusion Mini (9.6mm cup) and Trimline (11mm cup) lipsticks are developed with an elegant fluted design to the cap and base.


Fusion Glass Fluted Lip Gloss Mini & Full Size – Cap: 69D

The Fusion Glass lip gloss is now available with a beautiful fluted cap option; ideal for brands who desire an extra premium feel to this thick-walled pack.



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