Digital Connected Packaging = Brand Protection Opportunities


Three Brand Challenges… One Simple Solution

It is now well accepted that virtually all brands, from the utmost recognized to the newly eager, face an unprecedented onslaught of product counterfeiting and gray market trading. In emerging countries, this menace is bold and audacious, with outright fakes appearing in the open marketplace. In developed countries, the problem is equally insidious due to online propagation of counterfeit products through e-commerce platforms.

The destructive effects of brand counterfeiting are self-evident, but there are two other key challenges that concerns brand owners. One of them is how to keep pace with the recent trend in interactive mobile engagement with the customer. Broadly speaking, this engagement may include direct-to-consumer marketing, product information and usage guidelines, personalized loyalty programs, cross-selling of associated brands, consumer feedback and much more. The digital world is rapidly changing, and eyes are now on the mobile device as the gateway for engagement.

The third challenge is related to the ease with which products now move across markets as a result of rapidly expanding global supply chains and the dropping of trade barriers. This leads to the question: Where exactly are my products, and are they being distributed by my trusted partners? Recent regulations in some markets for pharmaceutical products have led to the introduction of digital traceability programs. A compelling business case can be made for such a transformation in many other market sectors—including cosmetics—to provide similar benefits.

A Revolution in Engagement-Driven Brand Protection

The transformations now taking place in the emerging field of connected packaging have the potential to address these product challenges—protection, engagement, traceability—while delivering powerful supply chain insight. And the good news is… you’re packaging is ALREADY connected. The secret is in your barcode!


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Leading brands across diverse product categories rely on Systech to provide the most secure digitally connected and engagement-driven brand protection program. The Systech Brand Protection Suite™ features award-winning e-Fingerprint® technology which leverages an existing package barcode to give brand owners end-to-end visibility and actionable, data-driven insight about a specific product as it moves through the supply chain and into the consumer’s hands. Get connected with Systech to end counterfeiting and product diversion today.


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Interested in learning more about the promise of connected packaging? Systech’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Avi Chaudhuri, provides a visionary assessment of what brand owners can achieve by converting to a digital connected packaging program in this latest Systech whitepaper – fill out the form on the right to download it.


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