Want Your Packaging To Outperform The Competition? It Starts With Your Label.

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In business for more than 30 years, Overnight Labels has been a leader in manufacturing labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging (bags, sachets, stick packs) with an emphasis on luxury finishes, foils and specialty varnishes.

The company is one of only five Platinum Level Graphic Measures International (GMI) certified label printers for Target, CVS and Walgreens, and a member of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.

Overnight Labels’ comprehensive knowledge of each phase in the production cycle has led to a long history of working directly with brands, as well as with contract packagers/manufacturers and private label companies.  Additionally, it has a broad understanding of both brick and mortar and e-commerce packaging considerations.

Overnight Labels is known for high standards, low set up costs/minimum quantities and flexible turnarounds. The company’s capabilities include digital and flexographic printing, prototypes and pre-production samples.

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