Discover Baralan’s New Biobased Packaging Series


Baralan, a consolidated player in primary packaging for the cosmetics industry, has introduced its Biobased Packaging Series for skin care, fragrance and makeup products. All are variations of Baralan’s current products, but produced with a biopolymer derived from renewable resources and natural materials not linked to the food chain, exemplifying Baralan’s commitment to sustainability. The biopolymer is made by combining natural fibers and waste from a specific manufacturing process, ensuring full recyclability.

The sustainable development of these products is linked to a circular economy notion that considers quality and aesthetics, satisfying both design and functionality needs while ensuring better conditions for products lifecycle. Baralan’s new biobased series is the result of the choice to reduce the use of synthetic components and to increase reuse of materials deriving from industrial waste and production processes to ease the product recycling process.


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