Libo Cosmetics Offers Sustainable Packaging Solutions and Beyond


Libo Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has superb experience in the beauty industry, offering well-known brands with quality cosmetics packaging solutions and world-class design services to help brands stand out in the market.


Following the sustainability trend, Libo Cosmetics makes conscious choices about sourcing materials and manufacturing processes. We have been developing multiple sustainable packaging solutions for brands to meet the demand for sustainable beauty products and practices. We believe sustainability and transparency is the key to a healthy circular economy and a happier planet.


With environmental awareness on the rise, Libo Cosmetics is proud to offer a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions, including: 

  • 100% Aluminum
  • Refill Design
  • PCR - PP
  • PCR - PET
  • PCR Aluminum
  • Bio-based (CPLA)
  • Rice Husks
  • 100% PET
  • FSC Paper board


100% Aluminum Collection

Aluminum is no doubt the star material for sustainable packaging right now. It is strong, lightweight, and highly recyclable. In addition, aluminum products can lower energy costs and carbon emissions. Libo Cosmetics offers multi-stick in three sizes made with 100% aluminum that can be reused, refilled, reformed, recycled, and reprocessed endlessly while retaining the quality.


Refill Designs

Refill designs help to improve consumer experience with durable, reusable packaging that also looks good, feels good and has great functionality. Libo Cosmetics offers outstanding collections of refillable lipsticks with different looks and feels that fit any brand’s aesthetic.



PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) collection is one of the best packaging solutions out there right now. PCR collection from Libo Cosmetics uses 35% to 100% of recycled materials that are consciously sourced. Using PCR materials, such as PCR PP, PCR PET, or PCR aluminum, helps reduce carbon footprint and eliminate the use of fossil fuel as raw material. What’s more, the quality of PCR products match products made from virgin materials.

The new series of Post-Consumer PET products from Libo Cosmetics are made with waste from the mounting number of plastic bottles in the ocean.


Bio-based - CPLA

Libo Cosmetics’ biobased products are made wholly or partially from renewable biological resources - 74% sugar cane content, also commonly known as CPLA. Biobased material not only produces less carbon dioxide than plastic and reduces food waste, but it is also biodegradable.

Rice Husk CollectionRice Husk Collection

Rice husk collection is one of the most innovative packaging solutions from Libo Cosmetics. Rice husk is a byproduct of the rice milling process. Adding rice husk into cosmetics packaging products helps reduce plastic usage, energy usage and carbon emission in the production process.


Libo Cosmetics’ Holistic Sustainability Approach

Libo Cosmetics has been putting efforts into building and developing renewable energy options to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. We hold materials certification from TÜV Rheinland, USDA Certified Biobased Product Label, and GRS certification to guarantee the authenticity of all our recycled products. Fill out the form to receive Libo Cosmetics’ eco-friendly product catalog.


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