Excess/Surplus Packaging Inventory: How to Recoup Your Costs


If you’re like most companies, no matter how well you plan your purchasing and production cycles (Lean Six Sigma, Statistical Analysis, etc.), inevitably you end up with unneeded inventory. There are many theories about ways to prevent excess inventory, but the bottom line is that it happens. Product demand goes down unexpectedly, packaging changes and simple product obsolescence occurs regularly.

The problem with excess inventory is that it leads to reduced profit margins in many instances. Low turnover rate affects revenue, bargaining power with suppliers and cash flow.

Excess Inventory also takes up valuable floor space in the warehouse that prevents you from offering newer, more relevant products to consumers. And the costs involved with storing unused packaging can add up. Utilities and labor are just a couple of examples. Employees who move inventory in and out of storage and organize it must be paid, which means you pay labor for the management of excess inventory.

So what do you do with your excess packaging inventory? Simply throwing it away or dumping it in a landfill can cost you in more ways than one. And, if you’re like most, the decision to simply dump the inventory and not at least recoup some of the costs is a difficult decision to make.

McKernan Packaging Clearing House offers a quick and easy solution. For 56 years, McKernan has been able to help companies by providing an outlet for excess packaging. McKernan buys Surplus inventory! The process is very simple: Call McKernan at 800-787-7587 and ask to speak to a Surplus Specialist, or visit www.webuypackaging.com/contact and fill out the Contact form. After evaluating your surplus, they can make you an offer. Upon acceptance of the offer, McKernan will pay the freight to move your inventory.

This solution not only frees up your valuable warehouse space, but it also allows you to recoup some of your investment on the unused packaging. McKernan’s program is also “Green” because it keeps excess packaging out of the landfills. In fact, they’ve coined the term “Pre-Cycling” to describe this solution.

McKernan primarily deals in unbranded closures and containers like bottles, jars, sprayers, metal cans, tubes, caps, pumps and trigger sprayers. However, they do buy a variety of other packaging and promotional items.

Don’t let Excess/Surplus Packaging inventory continue to be a problem for your organization. Call McKernan today! It’s a smart business decision.


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