Enhance the Consumer Experience with Taiki’s Effusion Cushion Compact System


Many brands have launched a Cushion Compact or are looking to get one to market. Finding a delivery system the produces safe and effective results can be difficult—including a wide variety of skin conditions, skin types, seasons, etc.

This new, popular compact comes with a sponge-soaked, in-light foundation (including SPF) and includes an applicator that allows you to dab the product on your face and build coverage where necessary. In addition to being compact, it’s a portable foundation that doesn't leak or melt.

The importance of the Cushion Compact is the ability to support various formulas and the stability to support the product without leaking. Not all packages are the same and could result in a messy application experience for the consumer.

The Cushion Compact relies on all three components that make up the entire system to offer a superior product. The first thing the consumer experiences is the Applicator Puff. The Puff should be a quality product- providing a smooth, even application. The Compact itself must be air tight, therefore not allowing the product to leak.  The Engine (sponge) is the critical part of the system.  It must provide easy filling and high impregnation capacity. Due to the different formulas used, the engine must be a stable material to use with UV filters and not interact with SPF ingredients. 

To improve on the popular cushion compact, Taiki developed the Effusion Cushion Compact System.  Taiki’s complete system works together to offer optimal performance. It also features an exclusive patent-pending engine (sponge) that supports higher formula release and easier restitution.  


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