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Zignago Glass USA is part of the Italian Zignago Vetro Group, an international leader in the glass packaging market, present in the food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery sectors.

Thanks to its proposal, diversified and of the highest quality, over the years has become a reference brand worldwide and a reality in continuous growth.

It boasts several branches in Italy and in Europe: Zignago Vetro Brosse in Normandy, Zignago Vetro Polska in Warsaw, in a strategic area for the Eastern European markets, and Zignago Vetro in Italy. These realities are supported by the commercial office in Miami, a strategic hub for America.

The Group confirms itself as the only glass manufacturer able to satisfy every market segment, from luxury to mass market, from masstige to lifestyle. Its cosmetics and perfumery offer is wide and diversified: bottles for essences and make-up, but also nail polish and skin care jars, as well as air fresheners and glass stoppers. A very wide range of refined designs in which even the simplest shapes represent solutions of great appeal, perfectly balanced in the characteristics of surface, brilliance and distribution of the glass.

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Chosen by many successful brands, Zignago Vetro references are divided between custom projects, made to support specific needs, and standard collections, among the most numerous on the market, which can be customized with second processes, decorative solutions and numerous accessories, such as caps, pumps and brushes.

In addition to the high quality of its products, the Group also stands out for its profoundly sustainable attitude. It demonstrates a culture with a strong ecological conscience and guarantees a program of precise and measurable objectives, after all, the circular economic model is in the very DNA of the company: in fact, glass is in itself a material that can be 100% recycled an infinite number of times. Precisely because of the importance of this raw material and its sustainable nature, Zignago Vetro today operates with as many as three companies dedicated to the treatment of glass cullet, Vetro Revet, Vetreco, Julia Vitrum, with important results at the production and environmental level.

In 2017, it was the first company to launch special containers for cosmetics made with eco-friendly green glass: the "Deep Green Collection" line. Unique for the increased UV protection of the contents; the percentages of recycled glass used (up to 90%); the reduction of up to -36% of CO2 emissions compared to the same article in flint glass.

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However, today circularity does not only concern the products and the raw material itself, but the entire production process. Evolved systems guarantee the correct treatment of the waste and fumes emitted by the melting furnaces; the plants exploit energy produced by renewable sources and present a substantial reduction of the water used in the processes; the use of glass cullet and the production of containers with a high PCR content, as well as the realization of increasingly lighter references, favor the saving of virgin raw materials, the energy used to process them and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

These are just a few of the solutions adopted to protect the environment, part of a concrete commitment that bears witness to a deep respect for ecosystems.

Zignago Vetro is this and much more, a reality based on innovation, quality, flexibility and efficiency, with a market positioning of absolute excellence.


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