Trend Alert: Glassification with ICS Exclusive Glass Wand Bottles

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To meet the growing demand for glass packaging options that also incorporates hands-free application for both color cosmetic and skin care, ICS introduces ICS Exclusive Molded Glass Bottles with Wands. 

The versatility and premium feel of glass packaging has long made glass a preferred material choice for beauty products. Glass is also a fully recyclable, sustainable material option and with consumers increased awareness of recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials, the trend of “glassification” is on the rise. 

The crystal-like reflective qualities of glass, with it’s natural, pure, weighted feel makes glass a premium packaging choice for consumers. 

Introducing ICS Exclusive Glass Mascaras, available in two round molded glass bottle options, a premium Volume Glass Bottle with a 10 ml fill and Slim Glass Bottle with an 8 ml fill. 

Also introducing ICS Exclusive Glass Bottles with Wand, available in two round molded glass bottle options, Classic and Chubby, both designed with a deluxe 9 ml fill. Both bottle shapes feature a premium gooseneck design, which extends under the cap allowing the bottle to look fuller longer and better accommodate fill tolerance, without the need of a collar or cheaterband at the neck. Available with various hygienic, hands-free applicator options, such as standard doefoot, chubby doefoot, spatula, brush and rollerball, perfect for both skin care and color cosmetic formulations.   

Glass packaging can be recycled over and over and reused and repurposed, giving glass products a long lifecycle.  ICS also has a wide selection of other glass packaging options to suit your brand’s needs.   

For more information on ICS Exclusive Glass Bottles with Wands, please visit our website or contact [email protected]. Choose ICS Sustainable Beauty. 


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