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As a leading global supply chain and logistics provider since 1976, Dedola Global Logistics has partnered with hundreds of air freight clients, each with unique needs and high expectations, and we’ve delivered.

We succeeded during the ongoing supply chain crisis by offering unparalleled air and ocean freight expertise and dedicated customer support that goes above and beyond. We’ve thrived by delivering on our reputation as consultative, conscientious logistics professionals offering a broad range of services.

Our clients require access to all modes: ocean, air, ground, rail and range from startups to established importers who ship regularly and Fortune 100 organizations importing hundreds of containers per month. We became a leader in air freight forwarding through our extensive experience and global industry network. Our partners value our relationship and reputation as much as we do and help us exceed our clients’ expectations shipment after shipment.

 Our team at DGL has more than 150 years of combined freight forwarding experience. We’ve built our company on ocean shipping, with a presence in more than 190 countries. Over the decades, we expanded our air freight services, a critical shipping alternative when time is of the essence.

Demand for Air Freight Transportation is Surging

As we go further into 2022, more companies will likely rely on air freight to expedite the movement of their products. The ongoing disruptions require importers that have historically relied solely on ocean shipping to turn to air, where they will likely face inflated prices and substandard support and visibility.

DGL provides the same visibility and 24/7 data access for air shipments as we do for all other modes giving our clients confidence that their shipments are on track.

We Are Your Air Freight Experts

Shipping your goods across international borders is an increasingly complex endeavor. Using an experienced air freight carrier that you can trust is critical in ensuring that your cargo promptly gets from point A to point B.

Before determining whether air or ocean shipping is optimal, you should consider several things. Our team will help you evaluate your timeline, the nature of your shipments, and your product specs to help you make informed choices.

Some advantages of shipping by air include:

  • Speed: Transport your goods faster
  • Customs: Quicker clearance
  • Security: Goods are safer under the care of airlines and airports, reducing the risk of theft or damage
  • Reliability: Air carrier schedules are more stable than ocean carriers at this time.
  • Accessibility: Airfreight is flexible, providing global coverage and efficient trade routes to costal and landlocked countries.

How DGL Has Gone Above and Beyond

  • We provided uninterrupted cargo space for personal protective equipment (PPE) during the height of the pandemic.
  • We developed an extensive network of major cargo carriers and private charter airlines. When required, we've been able to secure entire cargo planes for our customers' critical shipments.
  • We’ve successfully chartered aircraft for multiple high-demand commodities during the heart of the pandemic.
  • We developed optimal logistics plans for clients who require multiple transportation modes to expedite the delivery of their goods.


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