Supply Chain Solutions: Swap Direct Deco for Shrink Sleeves

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The beauty industry faced many challenges when operations in Asia were shut down or curtailed because of the pandemic. In addition to packaging component shortages, the direct deco format was impacted since much of it was produced overseas. Nimble brands were forced to re-think their packaging, and many chose shrink sleeves. 

Shrink sleeves were already a fast-growing segment since they offer many benefits including 360-degree visuals, fill line masking and are tamper-proof. However, some mid-priced and luxury beauty brands were reluctant to embrace sleeves because of concerns that their product would not look high-end enough.  

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” says Dan Kroger, VP of sales at Premium Label & Packaging Solutions. “Shrink sleeves have evolved since they first became popular in the 1990s. Advancements in inks, coatings, materials, and equipment have allowed converters to simulate direct to container packaging. Cold foil and tactile finishes offer the same upscale look and feel without the distortion that was present early on.”

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Procuring tinted containers has also been problematic.

Kroger says, “Exorbitant prices and lead times prompted clients to find an alternative. Our New Jersey plant (Label Graphics) produces colored sleeves that look identical to tinted containers for a much lower price and faster turnaround. Shrink sleeves are an ideal canvas for the metallic and holographic finishes seen in cosmetic packaging today. Our Deer Park location (Overnight Labels) just won a Premier Print Award for a copper shrink label embellished with a tactile gold pattern. As long as you work with an experienced printer, making the switch to shrink sleeves is an elegant solution.”

Premium Label & Packaging Solutions was formed by a group of label converters with decades of experience in the packaging industry. Each location is devoted to the artisanship of printing and share a passion for innovation and service. For samples, email [email protected]


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