New Shatterproof And Highly Customizable PET Dropper Bottles For Prestige Beauty Brands

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Epopack’s PET dropper is designed to be shatterproof, customized and recyclable.

The collar and tube are made of PET, with 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR-PET) options available, showcasing a commitment to environmental responsibility. The shatterproof PET tube prioritizes safety and durability, and its easy customization allows for a personalized branding solution.

The collar comes in two diameters (24mm and 28mm), it can be paired with 20/410 or 20/415 bottle neck finishes. Three tube lengths (53mm, 63mm and 73mm) perfectly work with a wide range of Epopack’s PET heavy wall bottles in different shapes and sizes.

Additionally, Epopack offers decoration services, allowing brands to customize the droppers and bottles uniquely, reflecting their individual style, from simplicity to intricate designs.

This design achieves a balance between sustainability and practicality, reflecting a conscientious and forward-thinking approach.

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Epopack is a beauty packaging manufacturer who provides premium recyclable packaging worldwide. Featuring glass-like premium plastic bottles and jars, PET airless bottles, dual seal leak proof cap for tricky oil products, shatterproof PET dropper and single material PET jars. 

There are many ways to reach the customer experience specialists at Epopack; meet in person at shows, book a virtual meeting, request catalog or a sample kit, opt in the newsletters, and follow Epopack LinkedIn page. The options are at your fingertips.

Meet Epopack at trade shows:

Luxepack NY in New York May 8-9, 2024;

Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas July 23-25, 2024;

Make sure to stop by and take a look at the new innovations and collections.

Book a virtual meeting:

Epopack is also offering virtual discovery meetings in EST time zone to chat with you and learn your needs before tailoring the recommendations.

Request catalog or a sample kit:

Contact Amy today at [email protected]        


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