ICS Mono-material and Refillable Packaging

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Innovation doesn’t need to be complicated and can often be a simple adaptation to provide a more functional or sustainable solution. At ICS, our mono-material, recyclable and refillable packaging are perfect examples of sustainable packaging innovation due to their convenient recycle and reuse process:

  • Mono-material packaging: contains only one type of material
  • Recyclable packaging: contains glass, aluminium, PP, PE and PET materials

Mono-material and recyclable packaging can both be easily classified for recycling, meaning they can be reused and repurposed to give the product a longer life cycle. Our chubby mono-material PP, refillable panstick is a perfect example of a sustainable solution for color cosmetic, skin care and body care formulations. Once the formulation is used, simply remove the refill, pop it in the recycling bin and insert your new refill.

At ICS we offer a wide selection of mono-material and recyclable packaging, from bottles and jars, to sticks and wands, to compacts and pencils—designed with functionality and sustainability in mind. Once the formulations are all used up, simply recycle the packs without the need to disassemble.

Choose sustainable beauty with ICS. To find out more about our mono-material, recyclable and refillable packaging options, as well as our other sustainable solutions, such as PCR, ocean plastic and reusable products, visit our website or contact us at info@ics-world.com.


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