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Founded on a heritage of caring, curiosity, and belief in the power of natural chemistry, our entrepreneurial spirit drives us in our quest to always find a better way. We empower formulators with a fast-growing portfolio of naturally derived ingredients, from Farm-to-Formulation™, ranging from a leading position in glycerin, surfactants and natural oils to high-end active ingredients and delivery systems.


InstaMask™ Shale A Transforming Clay Mask Experience Liponate™ CCC MB A Light Emollient Ester Jojoba Aqua™ Bio-120 Water Soluble Wax Ester Metaupon™ MB Sulfate-free Mild Surfactants Textron Oils and Evoil™ Range Desert Milk™ Powered by the Desert to Moisturize and Restore Your Skin Jojoba Esters Complete Range of Natural, Multi-functional Esters Vantage Encapsulants For Innovative and Eye-catching Effects Curoxyl® 42 & Curcylic® 40 USP Compliant, Pre-dispersed Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid Gel for Acne Treatment

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