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Imagine paying the same price in Europe for your brand as you do in the United States.

Imagine having to do only one registration/dossier for all of the EU and not for each country.

Imagine that one dossier ends up costing you nothing.

Imagine more than 500 million new customers, all wanting your U.S. brand and getting it without the trouble of shipping and import duties and approvals from many governments.

With Beauty Bridge Labs, all that you can imagine can come true.

There is an old marketing saying, “think globally, act locally.” We see it in cars like the BMW made in Spartanburg, South Carolina to almost every country that McDonalds operates. These companies learned long ago that the strength of the brand is what makes a customer buy it.

U.S. brands in our industry do not have free trade like many other things. As most also know, the EU dossiers have become a barrier for U.S. brands because U.S. brands are an import and subject to tough regulations that are repeated over and over. Many distributors are dropping U.S. brands because they sell to multiple markets in the EU. If that U.S. brand is not approved by all of them they service, they do not like the extra costs and legal exposure.

BBL solves all that by simply making your U.S. brand in the EU. It will look exactly like your U.S. brand but in the back, it will say “made in the EU.” People will know that it is the same U.S. brand but that it has a universal standard of quality for all of the EU.

By making it in the EU, we can keep costs down. No more headaches with shipping, no worries if the products were labeled right and if there are import duties. We even can match the same price you pay in the US using the same ingredients, same high quality as you want and need.

We have licenses for most OTC, as well as products ranging from sunscreens to anti-dandruff shampoos.

BBL has more than 100 years of experience in making products in Europe and has a new mission: to make high quality U.S. brands for Europe in Europe.

Beauty Bridge Labs is an ISO9001 contract lab specializing in producing U.S. brands for the EU, GCC and MENA.


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