Multi-Functionalism and Minimalism in Highly-Effective Formulations for the Male Grooming Industry


Over the last decades, the use of cosmetics has been widely dominated by women, however, recent data show the importance of the global male grooming industry that is expected to reach $166 billion by 2022.

When developing formulations for this segment, physiological and morphological differences of the male skin must be taken into consideration, in addition to a particular consumer behavior.

More growth of facial and body hair, in addition to extra sebum production, increases the chances of intrafollicular permeation and inflamed acne lesions in male skin. Therefore, men’s cosmetics should also consider the possibility of a higher incidence of allergic reactions and irritation to products containing many ingredients.

In this context, minimalist and multifunctional formulations are an interesting strategy for this market segment, combined with the fact that these are the attributes men are looking for, including ease of use and convenience.

4MAN is a natural and multifunctional solution with four effects in one single active ingredient. It can handle excessive oily skin while reducing signs of aging, promotes moisturizing and has smoothing properties, which are attractive benefits for men.

4MAN, developed by Chemyunion, is composed of a synergetic combination of hop, licorice, red algae extract, Gallic rose, panthenol and menthol, specially designed to meet the needs of male skin, providing the following benefits:

  • Smoothing property with 67% reduction in TNF-alpha inflammatory mediator;
  • Stimulates cell renewal by up to 59%, improving microrelief appearance and skin healing potential;
  • Increases skin superficial moisture by 46%, compared to placebo, two hours after application, which is kept for 24 hours after one single application;
  • Reduces skin oiliness by 31% compared to placebo two hours after application, (which is kept controlled for up to 24 hours after one single application, avoiding the rebound effect which is common in this class of products);
  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity by increasing the production of collagen type I and elastin, promoting an anti-aging action.
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