Beautycare Brazil Project Encourages Brands To Go International


Since 2001, the Brazilian CT&F (Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances) has stimulated the internationalization of Brazilian brands through participation in the Beautycare Brazil project, an export initiative created and managed by ABIHPEC (Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry) in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). Today, Beautycare Brazil includes 26 participating brands.

A 2010 action plan included implementing an innovative project that grouped companies into five different categories (Access, Club, Plus, Top and Special), depending on where they were in developing their export potential. Inclusion in a given category depends on a company's competency in entrepreneurial management and regulatory/environmental technical issues, international affairs, and business intelligence and positioning. The company's ability to promote and represent the Brazilian beauty market on an international stage is also considered.

The category level determines a company's access to Beautycare Brazil activities—especially developed for each stage of export and each company's export level/capability—and marketing databases, guaranteeing a proper and systematic evolution in the initiative for companies.

The results were very positive from the start of the segmentation implementation in 2010, as companies participating in the project recorded international sales of US$105 million (the entire sector exported US$693 million). Between January and September 2011, the same companies recorded a 24.5% increase in global sales.

Learn more about Beautycare Brazil project at www.beautycarebrazil.org.br.


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