SCC Intermountain West's Virtual Skin Care Webinar: Hallmarks of Aging 101

Jun 11th, 2024
Jun 11th, 2024
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12:30 - 2:00 pm CDT

Join the Society of Cosmetic Chemists Intermountain West for an enlightening and inspiring webinar by renowned cosmetic scientist, educator and product developer, Rebecca Gadberry, as she delves into the groundbreaking 2013 and 2022 papers on the Hallmarks of Aging and their profound relevance to the future of skincare. By delineating these hallmarks, aging is viewed not simply as the result of random wear and tear, but rather a regulated and interconnected group of events driven by key biological mechanisms. This change in perspective has resulted in a paradigm shift that allows researchers and product developers to move beyond viewing aging as an inevitable consequence of the passage of time and instead recognize it as a complex and modifiable biological phenomenon.

Tailored for members of the cosmetics industry, this webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the key hallmarks of aging and their specific implications for skin cells. Whether you are a seasoned cosmetic chemist looking to deepen your knowledge or a non-chemist keen to grasp the core concepts at the root of skin aging, this webinar promises to give you a deeper understanding of the revolutionary approaches behind today’s ’longevity’ skincare movement.

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