Optimize Your Cosmetics QC: EasyPlus Density Meters


METTLER TOLEDO has launched the new EasyPlusTM Density Meters, an economical line of benchtop density meters perfect for measuring the density of liquids, including shampoos and more, with the following benefits:

The perfect solution for cosmetics – Thanks to automatic viscosity correction, accurately measure all kinds of liquid samples at your desired temperature, including viscous or oily ones. Use the real-time video view to immediately identify any bubbles in the sample.

Simple operation – Designed to minimize training time and to prevent errors, our density meters are easy to use and operator-independent. Guide users through measurements and quickly identify if results are within or out of limits with color-coded pass/fail information.

Reliable results –SimpleCheck™ self-verification using certified standards ensures reliable performance of the instrument over time. EasyDirect™ PC software offers simple data management.

Optimize your daily routines and find out which METTLER TOLEDO EasyPlus Density Meter best suits your needs.


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