Introducing Tagra’s New Anti-Dark Spot and Anti-Oxidant Serum

Taga Ct2302 Lead

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are common, whether caused by a breakout or sun damage.

Retinol is widely regarded in the cosmetics industry as a golden ingredient for correcting uneven complexion and minimizing skin irritation, yet it tends to lose its efficacy quickly due to a variety of environmental factors.

Tagra’s CelluCapTMRL encapsulated pure retinol essentially protects this highly sensitive element from oxidation and degradation until product use, allowing formulators to effectively integrate retinol into both existing and new product lines.

The microcapsules only break upon application, preventing unwanted mixing and delivering the active ingredient with the utmost potency.

Download our new formula to learn more!

Taga Ct2302 Cellucap


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