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Since its inception, Anisa International’s growth has been fueled by the ingenuity and uncanny market foresight of founder and president Anisa Telwar. In 1992, Telwar’s work with her family’s import/export business led to a meeting with a producer of cosmetic brushes in Asia. Recognizing the growing interest in inventive new tools among professional makeup artists, Anisa launched her own company, Anisa International, as a marketing and distribution partnership for the products in the United States.

By 2002, Anisa’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive had led her to designing and producing her own products of highest quality. In 2003, she launched a fully owned and operating manufacturing plant in Tianjin, China, setting a new standard for manufacturing facilities in the country. Today, the company employs more than 600 people at its corporate and creative headquarters in Atlanta, Gerogia, its manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China, and its offices across the U.S., U.K. and China.

Today, Anisa International is the beauty industry’s leading global cosmetic brush, accessory and package design and manufacturing company. Cosmetic companies worldwide seek out Anisa for uniquely styled and formulated cosmetic brushes and trend-driven items, but also depend on the company’s strong R&D to design innovative products, creating a market need among consumers for future seasons. The company offers premium makeup tools for brands in prestige, masstige and mass markets. By combining an intimate understanding of the industry with innovative design and manufacturing capabilities, Anisa International gives its clients true creative and strategic partnership opportunities.

Anisa International's Mission

To be the leader and most creative in what it does. To be respected and to create partnerships and develop long-term relationships with its customers. The vision has evolved, in how Anisa wants to lead, how Anisa wants the company's employees to support its vision and grow and be the best of who they are, to create a community of support and ambition through collaboration, to design from ground up, to create truly beautiful and functional products that women use and feel good about themselves.

Key Differentiators

True collaboration. For Dupont™ Natrafil®, the company partnered with DuPont to produce brushes with Natrafil® filament, a patented synthetic fiber that offers superior performance to natural hair, which is considered a vital differentiator for clients. Anisa continues to further engage with professional contacts and consumers to explore new innovations and designs to meet her client's and the industry’s specific need.

True control. The manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China, is a fully integrated manufacturing facility that ensures end-to-end control of production. It is the only large-scale, American-owned professional cosmetic brush company in the region. With end-to-end control of its manufacturing process, Anisa can offer clients critical capabilities such as exceptional quality and social responsibility. The facility is routinely independently audited for social and quality compliance, and employees receive competitive wages as well as incentives to recognize performance. It also offers an agile production process, with an overall development timeline that runs only 60–90 days. This agility enables clients to keep pace with today's fast fashion trend cycles.

True commitment. With a strong emphasis on R&D, the company reinvests approximately 20% of its income back into the development and testing of new product concepts. Incubator brand adesign serves as a virtual R&D arm for clients. By testing its most cutting-edge designs and product innovations on adesign's customer base of beauty experts and trade professionals, Anisa International gains invaluable feedback to be shared with clients and used to create better, user-inspired tools. Through its commitment to innovation and design, the company enhances its clients' ability to generate consumer excitement and fuel sales growth.

Advancing Cosmetic Brush Design

When is a brush not just a brush? When ingenuity meets insight. When relentless reinvention and research ignites a trend. When rigorous quality control is both protocol and pride of product. And finally, when a woman’s innate need to feel beautiful and her desire for a little luxury is fulfilled.

After the successful preview of its innovative new and expanded lines of cosmetic brushes and accessories at Cosmoprof Bologna and Luxe Pack New York, Anisa International, Inc. will showcase even more exciting, patent-pending brush technology at HBA with the launch of its collections.

“We continue to trend forward with never-before-seen products that will drive excitement among makeup professionals and consumers alike,” said Anisa Telwar, president of Anisa International. “These collections demonstrate style, beauty and unparalleled product performance.”


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