Col-Frag remastered™, A new collagen era

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Whether it is a typewriter, a red lipstick or a black outfit, classics have become must-haves across markets thanks to their timeless record of quality, elegance and efficacy. We develop a trustworthy relationship with them so that they become must-haves since there is no doubt of their excellence.

If there is an outstanding classic above all in the cosmetic market, it is collagen. It can be as its protein version, hydrolyzed amino acids or as a collagen booster ingredients. Consumers long for skin care formulations with the collagen claim and develop loyalty to these products in which they trust for their daily personal care routine.

 Classics seldom follow trends. On the contrary, they remaster themselves setting trends by inspiring higher levels of excellence, technology and performance. This is the case of collagen, which with its exceptional antiaging properties has been passed down for generations. People trust in this ingredient for its efficacy and as a habit, become loyal to those products containing collagen.

 Initially, traditional collagen was sourced from animals such as cows or fishes and it was used in its protein native form or partially or completely hydrolyzed. Hydrolyzates and amino acids act as building blocks for collagen formation and to stimulate collagen synthesis in fibroblasts. However, customers have evolved demanding animal-friendliness and sustainability and new types of collagens have appeared in the market. Nowadays, we can find synthetic collagen, biomimetic collagen molecules, collagen booster ingredients and recombinant collagen produced by bacteria, yeasts or even plant-cultures. However, yeasts and bacteria cannot perform post-translational hydroxylations which are key for the triple helix stabilization. Hence, the resulting collagen is not fully functional.

 LipoTrue presents Col-Frag remastered™ stepping into a new collagen era covering these needs. Col-Frag remastered™ is a type one collagen fragment produced in wild plants as biofactories. This exclusive and sustainable technology platform allows to obtain a molecule identical to a fragment of the human collagen type one sequence, with the proper post-translational hydroxylations required to be fully functional. 

 Col-Frag remastered™ acts as a building block for collagen synthesis and as a collagen booster, tightens the dermis and epidermis while preventing senescence. It revealed a synergistic effect and a superior efficacy to Ascorbyl Glucoside in reducing wrinkles, providing a facelift and enhancing skin brightness.

 A remastered concept of collagen, for a new collagen era. 

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