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Sandream Specialties is excited to extend its SilikMira category adding a new pastel collection that delivers the most feminine, yet distinct, three-way color variable effects. Predominantly comprised of superfine silica flake, titanium dioxide and iron oxides or ferric ferrocyanide, striking, unique and refreshing shade palettes may be created. 

The SilikMira Pastel range consists of six fine particle stunning shades which deliver fabulous coverage and high chroma effects that are magnified in liquid and cream systems. The pigments are produced via vacuum deposition, yielding magnificent color shifts that flow seamlessly into one another. Three of the shades, SilikMira Pastel OGB, VRO and RYG are allowed everywhere on the face and body, while the remaining shades, SilikMira Pastel GBV, PVR and OYG, are just restricted from the lip area. Hence, there are numerous opportunities for innovative shade development in a broad base of applications.

SilikMira Pastel accompanies four other lines in the SilikMira family. The first introduction in this space, SilikMira Variable, includes six heavily saturated, dramatic shades presenting superb coverage and the most astonishing color travel experience. The use of vacuum deposition allows for thin layers of metal oxides to be vaporized and posted onto a silica substrate. The result is an exquisitely smooth finish created by the stacking of multiple thin layers. Variations in structure (silica thickness/metal oxide thickness and combination) will lead to a range of pigments with a variety of color travel behaviors. The SilikMira category now encompasses SilikMira Pastel, SilikMira Variable, SilikMira Sleek, SilikMIra Ice and SilikMira Max (with the two latter being supersized flake versions offering amazing visual effects). This entire collection is chromium free, has a clean heavy metal content and is one of the first of its kind to be globally approved for cosmetic use.

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