The Beauty of Water

Building on the H2O theme of the 2013 in-cosmetics in Paris April 16–18, Mintel global skin care analyst Chris Lindsley is discussing its importance in the beauty realm in his seminar “Beauty Drinks, Mix-it-yourself, Sustainability: The Role of Water in Beauty Trends & Innovation” as part of the Marketing Trends education program. His session, which takes place at 3:45 pm on April 17 in the Marketing Trends Theater, finds that products formulated with interesting water sources such as glaciers and lagoons over mix-it-yourself products that require the addition of water to the latest beauty drinks and products that promote reduced water consumption remain a key topic for beauty and product developers and marketers.

In addition to reviewing the hottest consumer trends, product innovations and market developments related to H2O in his presentation, Lindsley also shared some insight with GCI magazine on where water is taking the beauty industry lately.

GCI magazine: Why is water as a part of beauty such an important trend right now?

Chris Lindsley: Water is not only essential for all life but is found in and forms the basis of all skin care formulations. It also goes hand in hand with currently popular product positioning, such as natural and marine ingredients. [Product developers] are therefore looking to its various sources and the different benefits offered to provide innovation to entice consumers and differentiate themselves from others on-shelf.

GCI: Do you think there are opportunities for using water in beauty outside of what is currently being considered?

CL: Water will remain an integral part of cosmetic formulations so understanding how it can interact, be activated and exist in different states all offer appeal for future innovation. With the increasingly popularity of skin care products requiring refrigeration, potential can be seen with those looking to go one step further and freeze their offerings while basing a skin care regime around the different states of water has the potential to become more mainstream.

GCI: Does water have the opportunity to influence some segments of the beauty industry more than others?

CL: With the skin care market’s reliance on water to form the basis of its formulations, the influence its use has on this category is significant. Shortage of water is an issue that will affect future generations, so innovation and opportunity exists for brands that look for compelling ways to talk about limiting or completely removing water from their formulations. With increasingly stronger links between diet and skin health, this means future use of water in the beauty industry may predominantly be found in beauty drinks.

Get more information on this topic and much more at “Beauty Drinks, Mix-it-yourself, Sustainability: The Role of Water in Beauty Trends & Innovation,” and discover more about the 2013 in-cosmetics here.

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