AkzoNobel in-cosmetics Launches

AkzoNobel will launch DRY-FLO aesthetic modifiers, which are based on naturally-derived starch technology and have oil-adsorbing properties for lightweight products.

The company also will present CELQUAT polymers for conditioning and improved deposition of actives in rinse-off products.

It will also show ARMOCARE VGH-70 and ARQUAD PC quaternary surfactants that improve wet and dry combing of hair.

AkzoNobel also is launching AMPHOMER polymers for hold and humidity resistance in hair spray systems, regardless of VOC level.

The company’s DERMACRYL polymers provide water resistance and SPF retention in sunscreens ranging from alcohol-based continuous sprays to alcohol-free emulsion systems.

Its BIOSTYLE hybrid polymers boost hair volume and gel clarity for a natural touch in styling products.

AkzoNobel’s BALANCE RCF polymer provides viscosity build with high clarity in the presence of surfactants, including sulfate-free systems.

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