Production in China, Skin Care and Body Care Ingredient Innovations, and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Early March 2014

BASF announced will build a new world scale production plant to manufacture specialty amines at its existing wholly owned site in the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park in China. The plant, which is scheduled to come on stream in late 2015, will have dimethylaminopropylamine (DMAPA) and polyetheramines (PEA) as the main products. With this new facility, BASF will further strengthen its global production network. The new plant complements existing facilities in Germany and the U.S. for DMAPA and PEA.

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Company announced the winner of the second annual Zemea Innovation Award program—Schülke & Mayr, which was awarded for its Sensiva PA 40 antimicrobial stabilizer used in skin care products.

In reporting its 2013 fiscal results, Symrise continued its profitable growth course, achieving new all-time highs in sales and earnings during the year. The company grew sales to €1.83 billion for 2013, a 6% increase over the 2012 sales results of € 1.73 billion.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories released its 2014 full-color catalog with complete details on all its product lines.

Essential Ingredients was chosen by SE Tylose USA to represent the Tylose line of cellulose ethers used in the personal care and HI&I market segments. Essential Ingredients will be responsible for U.S. customers east of the Rocky Mountains. Also, Polygal AG selected Essential Ingredients to distribute and sell their products for the cosmetic and personal care industries. Essential Ingredients will be responsible for its U.S. customers east of the Rocky Mountains too.

Evonik’s hair and scalp care active ingredient Sphingony won an Award of Merit at the China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Awards for 2014.

Indena announced its Xilogel and Millet extracts have validated by Ecocert.

People News

DSM Nutritional Products Personal Care Business Unit announced management changes. Ilona Haaijer accepted another appointment within DSM, and Wilfrid Gambade will step into her role. Gambade is the former director of the DSM business unit for composite resins. He becomes a senior vice president and member of the executive committee, as well.

AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry Personal Care announced two promotions to advance its sales and technical service efforts: Himesh Joshi to sales manager, personal care, for Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa; and Michael Russell to technical service manager, skin care/sun care.

Lonza announced Constance S. Ward has joined the company as the head of external communications. In her new role, Ward will be a spokesperson for Lonza and take responsibility for coordinating media relations activities across the company and guide the overall positioning of Lonza through various external and internal communication channels.

Botanic Innovations promoted Rebecca Petersen to vice president of sales and marketing. Peterson has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of functional ingredients and new product development for cosmeceuticals and personal care products. Her expertise and skills will help Botanic Innovations continue to bridge the gap between beauty and wellness segments.

Alchem International hired Mette Regoli as technical sales manager responsible for business development in the dietary supplement, cosmetic and e-cigarette industries.

Looking to in-cosmetics 2014

Sederma will showcase Sebuless, a new multifunctional ingredient designed and demonstrated to mattify and equalize the skin tone of oily and acne-prone skin, at in-cosmetics 2014. Sederma was able to confirm a positive action on every known process leading to oily skin and associated blemishes: hyperseborrhea, microbial proliferation, inflammation, hyperkeratinization and hyperpigmentation. The highitech active ingredient is derived from plant cell culture and thus offers a natural and gentle cosmetic solution to treat oily and acne-prone skin globally.

Induchem is set to launch Biogomm'age exfoliation beads during in-cosmetics 2014. Biogomm’age is a sustainable solution for skin and scalp exfoliation. Based on 100% natural material and primarily made of cellulose, the exfoliators feature Safe-scrub technology for a safer and more efficient skin exfoliation. During their manufacturing, active ingredients, pigments and additional ingredients can be loaded to enhance their biological and cosmetic properties, and they can be used in existing exfoliation solutions, as well as in leave-on whitening creams, anti-oily dandruff shampoos, face cleansers exfoliating lotions for sensitive skins, leave-on anti-aging serums and residue-free scrubbing hand sanitizers.

Bayer MaterialScience has now made a breakthrough in hair care with its waterborne polyurethane dispersion Baycusan C 1008, which it will debut at in-cosmetics 2014. This raw material combines a three-fold advantage in formulations for hair care products: protection, hold and conditioning. The sleek look is a current international trend in hair styling and millions of women treat their hair every day with straightening irons, but this is not without consequences: Unprotected hair suffers microscopic damage that in the long term leads to split ends, reduced shine and hair breakage. Conditioning products containing Baycusan C 1008, a film-forming polymer stable up to 270°C, coat every single hair fiber and easily wash out later on, without leaving behind any residue.

Merck will highlight active ingredients, functional fillers and high-quality pearl luster pigments for the beauty industry at in-cosmetics 2014.Together with its strategic partner Sachtleben, Merck is launching a new broadband UV filter: Eusolex T-Easy. The product is based on rutile titanium dioxide that is inorganically coated first with silica and then with cetylphosphate. The special feature here is the second coating with the organo-phosphorous derivative, which makes it possible to easily combine with a wide range of reactive beauty substances that often cause difficulties in creating formulations. The company also will showcase Ronaflair Balance Green, a functional filler for skin tone correction; Ronacare Bronzyl to produce a light, authentic tan; Ronacare Pristine Bright to revitalizes skin tone; Ronacare Poppy SE, a substance based on natural poppy seed extract that produces a skin-firming effect. It is particularly suited for use in anti-cellulite personal care products; and Ronastar Blue Jewel, a new addition to its body-colored pearl luster pigments. Also, within the scope of its “Pearlescence Meets Personal Care” initiative, Merck is developing product concepts for the growing market of shower and bath products and shampoo. It will also offer its latest Color Forecast and seminars “Merck KGaA meets tomorrow's needs: The first pearl pigments with EFfCI GMP standards for cosmetics” and “Trends meet innovation in sun protection: Latest trends and a new multi-benefit titanium dioxide.”

Two new polymers that will enable product developer to create a broad range of innovative and effective sun care products will be introduced by AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry’s personal care business at in-cosmetics 2014. Dermacryl E is a waterproofing, film-forming polymer that provides excellent SPF performance and feel on skin with reduced tackiness in emulsion sun care products. It also provides superior water resistance. It is designed for use in a broad range of emulsion sun care products, including recreational sun protection products; daily-wear moisturizers with SPF; tinted sun protection products; color cosmetics; and creams and lotions for face, hands and body. Dermacryl 2.0 is a waterproofing film-former designed to enable product developers to address the growing challenges presented in formulating ethanol-based sun protection products.

For its appearance at in-cosmetics 2014, Seppic and BiotechMarine will be presenting its new hair care concept [GC]2 with six hair-cosmetic formulations, and products such as FluidiPure 8G and Sea Shine. Additionally, it will hold the confereces “[GC]2: Essential trends in hair cosmetics,” “Sea Shine: the sublimated skin factor,” and “FluidiPure 8G protection from head to toe.”

Ashland plans to unveil a durable solution for hair conditioning at in-cosmetics 2014. The new offering will provide conditioning over several wash cycles, a capability that will help advance the performance of conditioner formulations.

New Launches

Skin care masks allow a focus on specific needs of the epidermis, and their activity targets each kind of skin. To meet consumers’ daily needs and follow the mood cosmetic trend, Soliance developed a customizable concept—tailor-made masks. The masks can adjust and transform as needed to answer the requirements and mood of skin. Design a custom-made mask for what you need on a particular day, as it is customized in a few quick steps.

Brookfield Engineering welcomed three new instruments into its touch screen family of rheometers: the RST-CPS Cone Plate Rheometer, the RST-CC Coaxial Cylinder Rheometer and the RST-SST Soft Solids Tester Rheometer. The new RST Series offers a quick and comprehensive capability for making rheological measurements, whether it’s single point viscosity for QC or complete flow curve analysis for R&D. The RST Rheometers are unique because they operate in both controlled stress and controlled rate modes and can perform all of the following tests: viscoelastic modulus, yield stress, viscosity vs. shear rate profile, thixotropy calculation, creep behavior, recovery after flow, and temperature sensitivity. Every RST Rheometer offers the widest torque range available to handle the broadest range of sample materials. They provide versatility with a range of shear rates and DIN spindle geometries. The sturdy, rugged design of the RST is ideal for use in R&D, working in the QC lab, or on the production floor.

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