P&G Reduces Fiber Damage with New Technology

Procter & Gamble Beauty has uncovered a new hair color chemistry that, according to the company, delivers color with less fiber damage. Amino glycine technology features a combination of ammonium, carbonate, peroxide and glycine. The technology reportedly reduces pH and minimizes undesirable free radical production in hair.

"We have harnessed the power of the new lightening system to more efficiently lighten and color hair, while the addition of the amino acid glycine helps mitigate radical formation. As a result, the damage caused to the hair fibers is dramatically reduced," said Jennifer Marsh, PhD, principal scientist of P&G Beauty, in a company press release.

The technology colors the hair with a pH level of 9, compared to pH levels of 10-11 in other hair color products. The new technology has higher selectivity for melanin versus keratin, reducing hair fiber damage.

The company is hoping that the technology will lead it to improve hair color technology by managing radicals.
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