New Color Options, Hair Beauty and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Late January 2014

Croda International Plc was listed as one of the top Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World for a second consecutive year. The company was ranked 28th in the Global 100 listing.

TRI-K Industries, Inc., a Galaxy Surfactants Group Company, India, announced its acquisition of the business of Surfactants International, Inc. and its division of Surety Laboratories from Actives International. This acquisition strengthens Galaxy’s presence in the U.S. with surfactants and preservatives. With the acquisition of the business of Surfactants International, Inc. and its division of Surety Laboratories, TRI-K will be creating a new business division called Performance Products Division (PPD).

To sustain its international growth strategy, Silab opened Silab South East Asia in Singapore. An extension of Silab SA, this entity will be dedicated to both promoting the company’s natural cosmetic active ingredients, as well managing distributors for the Southeast Asian territory.

Wacker strengthened its presence in India by opening an expanded technical center for silicone products in Amtala, near Kolkata. Operated by the joint venture Wacker Metroark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (WMC), the enlarged regional competence center comprises state-of-the-art applications technology and test equipment for silicone products needed in the personal care and other industries.

Seppic won first prize in 2014’s Cosmetagora Formulation Competition with its Melting Caramel Butter (Beurre Caramel fondant) concept. This competition, organized for the first time by La Société Française de Cosmétique (SFC), awards prizes for the most creative formula in terms of concept and texture.

Imerys Filtration and Additives Europe announced its ImerCare Perlite range of natural perlite has been registered according to Ecocert natural and organic cosmetics standards. The Ecocert-accredited perlite grades are ImerCare 20P, 25P and 30P.

Rahn was awarded NaTrue certification for its Defensil-Plus, Reforcyl and Cleomilk cosmetic actives.

New Launches

The new Fiesta Colors palette from Impact Colors uses Impact Colors’ unique synthetic mica substrate to create a variety of optical effects that are enhanced by blending base absorption colors and interference tones. These pigments offer the clean, bright color possibilities for cosmetics. Larger Fiesta particle sizes, found in Ocean Emerald or Royal Plum, produce an edgy appearance while shades such as Smokey Plum Gray or Smokey Jade are quieter but with intense impact. Fiesta Colors have a soft texture and a light, smooth finish, making the tiniest particle size pigments in shades such as Velvet Bronze or Frosted Carmine, ideal for face formulations. For edgy gleam at the cheekbone or along the hairline, Fiesta Sunny Yellow brings the clarity of a blooming daisy or buttercup with the sun shining through.

Dow Corning introduced a new silicone microemulsion that helps bring hair repair and color protection benefits to shampoos without sacrificing hair volume. Dow Corning CE-1874 Microemulsion is a clear, water-dispersible microemulsion of silicone polyether that delivers feather-light smoothness. It can be used in standard, sulfate-free and clear shampoos to help increase the fullness of thin, tired-looking hair; repair dull, dry hair; and protect and maintain the color of color-treated hair. Suitable for use on many hair types, the product also has the ability to enhance hair shine and improve ease of combing. And in addition to shampoos, Dow Corning CE-1874 Microemulsion can be used to create clear, moisturizing leave-in conditioners.

Natural Sourcing released Organic Sacha Inchi Oil (Plukenetia Volubilis), a nutritive Amazonian oil that can act as a versatile and highly moisturizing ingredient. The oil features a light texture and a mild, nutty scent, as well as an array of fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants and a unique balance of omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids. These properties can be used to help soothe sensitive, irritated skin and nourish dry, damaged hair. Additionally, the oil’s content of vitamins A and E makes it an effective ingredient in both anti-aging blends intended to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and formulas created to treat acne or blemished skin. It is especially suited for use in anti-aging creams, dry skin formulations, sensitive skin care, acne treatments, dry/damaged hair and scalp products, and nail and lip care. Additionally, Natural Sourcing introduced Organic Brazil Nut Oil (Bertholletia Excelsa Oil). Featuring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Organic Brazil Nut Oil is cold pressed from the nuts of the Brazil nut tree. Brazil nuts consist of approximately 67% oil, which Brazilian natives utilize in cooking and within skin and hair care applications. Due to its rapid absorption by the skin, it is especially suited for use in anti-aging creams, dry skin formulations, sensitive skin care, dry/damaged hair products, and lip balms.

Rahn is launching its new active ingredient, Myramaze, at in-cosmetics 2014. It is based on the South African plant Myrothamnus flabellifolius, which has a unique adaptation strategy: in spite of its desert-like environment, it can survive long and hot periods of drought in a completely desiccated state and become green again within a few hours of the first drops of rain. The resurrection properties of M. flabellifolius are based on physical stabilization (such as leaf morphology, cell-wall composition, etc.) and metabolic adaptation. As an example, water loss increases the production of protective constituents such as galloylquinic acids. This rejuvenation effect can also be applied to the skin with Myramaze, an extract of Myrothamnus flabellifolius. It protects membrane structures from dehydration and preserves linoleic acid against oxidation. With regular use, Myramaze revives, regenerates and invigorates skin that is stressed, attacked and depleted.

Also at the upcoming in-cosmetics 2014, Greentech will offer new solutions issued from biotechnologies for skin care. Among the new actives from Greentech will be an active developed to work against dark circles in an effective formulation of concealer. It has been developed by cryoextraction, a high tech tool patented by Greentech. It has decongestant action and decreases hyperpigmentation, hypervascularization, inflammations and thus fades away dark circles. Another new Greentech active works against oily skin. Obtained by fermentation of probiotics, it counteracts sebum secretion and is especially dedicated to acne-prone skin products. Greentech also will launch Ferment'Actives, developed using a customized and controlled fermentation process to naturally enhance functionality, increase efficacy and develop new activities; and a new variety of soft butters, the GTB series, which combines properties of soft butters with higher feel sensory and auto-emulsion capacities. GTB have natural origins and can be easily included into products such as cleansing creams, cream oil body washes, in-shower body lotion and more to help create a silky, soft touch formulation.

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Elevance Renewable Sciences announced it has hired Robert Kumpf as the company’s new chief technology officer. In this role, Kumpf will focus on expanding the organization’s product and applications development capabilities.

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