Vantage Increases N-Methyltaurine Production Capacity

This increase in production will also benefit existing N-Methyltaurine customers.
This increase in production will also benefit existing N-Methyltaurine customers.

Vantage has completed the increase of production capacity for n-methyltaurine at its Leuna, Germany, plant as of October 2020.

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The production increase is projected to better support the demand for sulfate-free and mild surfactants. N-methyltaurine is a key intermediate for the synthesis of taurate surfactants worldwide.

This will service personal care formulators and brands interested in its Metaupon range of sodium methyl cocoyl taurate and sodium methyl oleoyl taurate surfactants at different concentrations. Taurate surfactants are used in applications targeting sensitive skin and scalp irritation and contains foam enhancements. 

Alexander Snell, senior vice president of Europe, Middle East & Africa for Vantage said, “By leveraging our existing infrastructure and integration within the Leuna industrial complex and improving its potential. Vantage is creating a reliable and innovative platform for customers worldwide. The combination of our process and technical expertise for taurate surfactants and the formulation know-how of our chemists in our 14 application labs across the globe results in a very strong value proposition for our customers looking for sulfate-free surfactant systems.”

Vantage CEO Steve Doktycz said, “By focusing on our customer’s needs and actively investing in production capabilities, tailored solutions, technical resources and talent, Vantage is well positioned to support our customers with our global reach and local touch. We practice responsible chemistry with naturally and sustainably sourced ingredients, making it better, safer and healthier for people and our planet. These combined strengths make us uniquely qualified to successfully respond to our customers’ challenges and to safely deliver powerful technologies and solutions to the world with speed and at scale.”

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