ICS Makes Waves with Ocean Plastic Tubes!


To help combat plastic pollution and ensure cleaner environments and oceans, International Cosmetic Suppliers, Ltd. (ICS) launched sustainable tube packaging made with ocean plastic.  

From ocean waste to products we use everyday, ICS HDPE Ocean Plastic is made from sustainably sourced, recycled HDPE, such as fishing nets, ropes and trawls, pulled from the maritime industry.

ICS Ocean Plastic tubes are available in 13 mmD – 50 mmD and recommended to use multi-layer tubes with Ocean Plastic HDPE outer layer and Virgin PE inner layer.

ICS Ocean Plastic is REACH and Proposition 65 compliant and is suitable for a variety of printing options, such as offset print, silkscreen and hot stamp, as well as finish options, such as glossy, matte and soft touch.

For more information on ICS Ocean Plastic tube products, please visit the ICS website showcasing this product, or contact [email protected]. Choose ICS Sustainable Beauty. 


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