A New Wave of Waterless Beauty Packaging

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Switching to waterless beauty is an effective, eco-friendly way to help reduce our planet’s water footprint. Water is a vital, natural resource and lowering our water footprint is an important element in sustainable activities. Industry leaders in sustainable packaging, ICS lead a new wave of innovative packaging, perfect for waterless beauty products.   

Waterless beauty products contain no water and are generally more concentrated, leading to less total volume, meaning they often require lighter, smaller packaging. This helps to reduce shipping weight and space, resulting in reductions in not only water footprint, but overall carbon footprint, too.    

Waterless formulations, such as powders, balms, sticks, serums, waxes, oils, masks and more are leading the way in sustainable skin care, body care, sun care, hair care and color cosmetic formulations, as well as becoming popular options for fuss-free beauty.

 ICS has a wide range of innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for waterless beauty formulations, including our featured powder bottle, ideal for waterless hair care, skin, body and sun care formulations. ICS has several powder bottle options in various shapes and sizes in recyclable PP, PE and PET materials.

ICS also has a huge selection of glass jars and droppers, sticks, tubes and bottles with pumps or sprayers, perfect for waterless formulations that are made with a variety of innovative sustainable materials, such as ocean plastic and PCR packaging, glass packaging, mono-material and recyclable packaging, paper and aluminum packaging and refillable packaging.

Join the wave of waterless beauty and lead the way to a more sustainable future by choosing  sustainable beauty with ICS. For more information on ICS’ waterless beauty packaging innovations, please visit the ICS website or contact [email protected].


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