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Fedpack Gci2206 Lead

For more than 40 years, Federal Package has been the preferred contract manufacturer for leading beauty and personal care companies. We specialize in hot pour blending, compounding and filling, which has made us one of the top deodorant, lip balm and sunscreen stick manufacturers in the United States. We are certified organic and FDA-regulated.

We are the go-to source for companies in the health and beauty and cosmetic industries searching for turnkey solutions to deliver a range of high-quality products for their brand. We handle everything from research and development, formulation, blending and filling, decorating and retail-ready packaging and health and beauty containers.

Federal Package is committed to a circular economy, making sustainable and innovative products with minimal impact on the environment. Our customers each have unique sustainability objectives, so we consider the entire product lifecycle, from raw materials to end-of-life management. We offer various sustainable solutions to meet your clean beauty and sustainability goals.

Learn more about Federal Package, your private label skin care partner at federalpackage.com/allured


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