Baralan’s Lilibet Series: new glass bottles with distinct, modern shape

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At Cosmoprof North America Baralan showcases a new range of glass bottles, the Lilibet Series. With a modern design, the new series blends the charm of a circular shape with the strength of a square profile. The series is inspired by Baralan’s “Beautytude” approach, which expresses the company’s take on current beauty trends and style themes – clean beauty and sustainability chief among them.

The Lilibet Series is innovative in style and design. On top of being functional and adaptable to different product types, its slim shape also makes it aesthetically impactful. Featuring various capacities and neck sizes, the seven-bottle series is available in smaller sizes from 6 to 12 ml, and in larger ones ranging from 15 to 30 ml.

Considering its wide selection of capacities, the Lilibet Series is suitable for a variety of cosmetic products, primarily skincare and nail polish, but also make up and fragrances. The bottles can be combined with an extensive selection of accessories in Baralan’s catalogue to further help brands meet market needs and adapt to the latest trends, all with the aim of appealing to a wide array of customers. Examples include pumps for foundation or other liquid makeup, and dropper accessories for small capacity skincare products to meet the increasing market request for precise applications.

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With a deep expertise that comes from designing and developing glass primary packaging for over six decades, the series was developed with a continued concentration on sustainability and recyclability, following one of the most current trends in terms of materials.

Visit Baralan at Cosmoprof North America, booth 1828. 


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