Sustainable packaging solutions for all brands and formulas

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It’s no easy task finding packaging that answers to all formulas’ needs while being respectful to the planet.

Quadpack offers a wide range of packs in wood, PCR and glass, committed to reduced environmental impact and for all brands. We invite you to discover some of our sustainable favorites:

Woodacity® solutions for makeup, fragrance and skin care

Quadpack’s range of patented systems in wood have just welcomed new members. Besides the mono-material closure systems for fragrance bottles and jars, the Woodacity® family now includes an innovative Iconic Woodacity®, a refillable wooden lipstick, the Legend Woodacity® Solo Twist Jar and the Idol Woodacity® Solo Twist Compact. What’s more, all the wood is sourced from sustainably-managed forests and manufactured by Quadpack Wood, a landmark in green manufacturing.

Tubes with PCR content for reduced impactQuadpack Gci2210 Thumb

Sourced from our manufacturing partners in Mexico, our tubes with PCR content help your brand reduce your carbon footprint—both by using recycled plastic and by saving transportation emissions. Available with flip top, screw cap and now with an airless pump, it’s produced in the region, for the region.

Made in America glass bottle

Quadpack’s Skin Up bottle is a must-have for eco-driven brands. A glass bottle made in America, it’s a perfect 1 oz pack available in a full range of dispensing solutions (pumps, droppers and flocked applicators), making it ideal for both skin care and makeup brands.

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What’s more?

If your brand is looking for packaging solutions that protect both your formulas and the environment, Quadpack is your partner of choice. As a B-Corp, Quadpack is committed to having a positive impact on society and the environment, extending our responsibility to our clients.

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