Packaging & Product Expertise plus Service equals Complete Turnkey


Launching new products can be a tedious task and fraught with potential issues. Those challenges often present themselves in the packaging. Brands today are turning to turnkey partners to manage their products, both new and existing.  Choosing the right partner is critical to success.

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In 2009, Cliff Davis left the corporate world to start Quality Resourcing Services, LLC (“QRS”).   After spending nearly his entire career on the buying side, dealing with the struggles of product introductions and many noncommunicative suppliers, it was apparent that there was a void in the market.  A supplier was needed that was truly a partner. This partner would require package and product development experience, had to be accessible, and be laser focused on customer service. QRS was created to fill that void.

The concept of QRS was simple and the team today follows the original guidelines:

  • Listen to customers and fully understand what they want
  • Help them through the design phase- working with their designer to ensure what is envisioned can be executed and then follow with the development and supply taking full responsibility for all parts and pieces.
  • Create and maintain a strong and tested global network of suppliers capable of addressing many packaging and product needs
  • Be the best in class for communication and customer service.
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True customer service, regardless of the industry, is a lost art today. “Big or small…” says Becky Staveski, QRS President,  “we want each customer to feel as they are our most important. We are their partner, and an integral part of their team. Every customer is different and we pride ourselves on being flexible.  Some have their own contract manufacturer they prefer we use, for example. Others are happy to have us use our approved factories. We are centered around the needs of the customer.”

QRS began as a package development, resourcing, and supply company.  With that strength they have evolved into a full turnkey partner for many of their customers. This enables the customer to have packaging and product experts guide them through the process, ensuring that products are created with packages that are developed and integrated to work together. Tooling at the contract manufacturer must be evaluated and considered as the package marries to the product in the production environment. Finally, every project, big or small, is time-lined and managed to a successful conclusion.


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