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Recycling Program by C'est Moi & TerraCycle

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Customers can send their empty products in an envelope to be recycled

Customers can send their empty products in an envelope to be recycled

C'est Moi is partnering with recycling company TerraCycle to recycle its used, plastic packaging.

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According to the brand, participants can request a free TerraCycle envelope to recycle their empty packaging.The envelope will arrive within one to two weeks, when customers can then fill it with their products and send with a prepaid return label. 

Jennifer Saul, senior vice president of marketing at C’est Moi said:

Creating clean products with recyclable materials that have a thoughtful life cycle is a core pillar of our business. Recycling in the United States has never been simple. Most consumers do not know that recycling came to a screeching halt in January of 2018, when our country stopped shipping all trash, scrap and recyclables to China.

This was our lifeline for waste and recycling for decades, which has now dramatically changed the landscape of recycling in our country.This is why we are so ecstatic to have partnered with TerraCycle to lead by example in ensuring that what we put out into the world as a beauty brand has a life cycle,and that we can guarantee that it is being recycled responsibly.