Context: Glossier's Layoffs

Glossier is outsourcing its tech capabilities.
Glossier is outsourcing its tech capabilities.
Photo by Reuben Mansell at Unsplash

Can beauty companies alsobe tech companies? Brands like Proven are built around tech, particularly AI expertise. But some brands are finding it's best to source their tech capabilities from third parites. 

Case in point: Glossier has let go more than 80 employees concentrated in its technology group, per a report from TechCrunch, via Modern Retail.

Founder Emily Weiss is quoted as writing: “[W]e are shifting our technology strategy to leverage external partners for parts of our platform that we’re currently maintaining internally."

Technology is critical for the brand's DTC, digitally native brand strategy.

The move comes amid a retail expansion that has included the November 2021 reopening of Glossier's LA store.

In July 2021, Glossier raised $80 million to, in part, fund international expansion.

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