What makes you feel good? A day at the beach? A relaxing bath? A good hair day?

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Whether you are pampering yourself with a spa weekend or elevating your daily face wash routine into a moment of relaxation, feel-good rituals are the cornerstone of the self-care movement.

At the heart of those rituals are the beauty and personal care products that consumers rely on to treat and protect their skin. Consumers are seeking out products designed to nourish their bodies and minds. They are indulging in skin care products that embrace mindfulness and enhance their moods to treat themselves.

Mood-Boosting Products

Driven by the self-care lifestyle, consumers will continue to surround themselves with products that boost their moods.  To hear more about feel-good beauty trends and product innovation, schedule a meeting with the Beauty Activations team, and let’s talk about it.

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Beauty Activations is a strategic Symrise initiative with a dedicated team focused on a holistic approach to formula creation, supporting and elevating brand innovation.

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