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ParagonCorp successfully held the first breakthrough event titled “Beauty Science Fest 2023” during last September as a bold commitment to provide high quality and accessible beauty products for consumers that strongly backed by science and latest technology.

To meet consumers’ diverse needs for innovative, evidence-based skin care, makeup and personal care, Indonesia’s PT Paragon Technology and Innovation (ParagonCorp) has developed comprehensive research and development capabilities in cooperation with 300 local and global experts from the United States, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Japan, Korea and beyond.

ParagonCorp Beauty Science Experts: The innovators behind the Paragon high-performance products.ParagonCorp Beauty Science Experts: The innovators behind the Paragon high-performance products.

To power its beauty innovation, the company operates one of the largest R&D laboratories in Southeast Asia at its Research and Development Center. There, product innovations are shepherded through research, ingredient selection, efficacy testing* and collaboration with local and global partners. 

As proof of the manufacturer’s expertise, ParagonCorp has created 13 brands, including Wardah as the pioneer of Halal Beauty brand in Indonesia; Emina, which provides makeup and skin care for teenagers and beauty newcomers; Kahf, which specializes in natural and halal men’s grooming; Make over as the professional make up brand in Indonesia, and many more.

ParagonCorp’s Beauty Science Expert team recently created a sunscreen stick formulation.ParagonCorp’s Beauty Science Expert team recently created a sunscreen stick formulation.

*Within the last year, ParagonCorp has conducted nearly 40,000 total efficacy tests.


ParagonCorp’s Innovatech Research Center comprises a lab that specializes in skin care development and features Visia skin analysis technology, as well as a lab focused on the development of cleansers and which can leverage AI to assess product efficacy. 

The center’s Color Science Lab supports makeup product development and product testing, while the Trichoscent Lab considers hair and scalp types and creates personalized fragrances in response, particularly for those who wear a hijab. Meanwhile, the Sunscreen Expert Lab leverages UV cameras and in vitro and in vivo tests to optimize sun care products. 

Beyond product innovation, ParagonCorp has launched the Paragon Creator Hub program to upskill content creators by providing scientific knowledge that can be leveraged on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. The hub is just one element of ParagonCorp's commitment to improve beauty and cosmetic literacy in Indonesia and beyond.

“ParagonCorp is committed to continue creating evidence-based skin care and customized products that are powered by science and advanced technology to meet the diverse and changing needs of consumers,” says Sari Chairunnisa, M.D. Sp.Kk, FINSDV, VP research and development ParagonCorp. “We also continue to contribute to developing the beauty ecosystem to deliver high-performance products, while ensuring that the products are accessible. ParagonCorp, together with Paragon Experts consisting of skin and beauty experts, combines the best formulations with world-class ingredients and scientifically tested products to produce high efficacy and high-performance products.” 

A demonstration of the company’s formulation capabilities during its 2023 Beauty Science Fest.A demonstration of the company’s formulation capabilities during its 2023 Beauty Science Fest.

To highlight its creative and technical prowess, ParagonCorp recently held its 2023 Beauty Science Fest at the Laguna Atrium Central Park Mall in Jakarta. The event allowed visitors to experience the creation of demo serums and moisturizers, use AI to check their skin, concoct their own foundation shades or experiment with the development of water- and oil-proof lip creams, create a personalized fragrance, learn about scalp and hair types, have their skin assessed via a UV camera, and explore the company’s laboratory through virtual reality.  

To learn more about this dynamic company, visit www.paragon-innovation.com/contact.


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