Bloom Brings Fragrance Knowledge to HBA Fragrance Symposium

Rochelle Bloom, president of The Fragrance Foundation, joins the roster of speakers for the half-day Fragrance Symposium, part of Fragrance Business 2007 (September 18-20) at HBA. Bloom lends her voice to the important dialog about how fragrance consumers get their information about regulatory, safety, well-being and other aspects of fragranced products and, more importantly, the role the industry can play in forming the messages consumers hear. The symposium will be held, beginning at 9:00am, on Thursday, September 20.

Bloom began her career in beauty when she joined The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc. as marketing director for Estée Lauder Canada. Since then, her career has spanned the company’s premier brands in both domestic and international markets. After a two-year stint in Canada, Bloom returned to the U.S. as director of advertising and sales promotion for Clinique International. She rejoined the Estée Lauder International brand as field marketing director for Latin America, Far East, and select European markets, where she led the explosive growth in those markets. She launched Prescriptives International as vice president/general manager, a position she held for seven years, building Prescriptives into a major cosmetics brand. Bloom was promoted to senior vice president/general manager of Estée Lauder International, a position in which she flourished for 13, tripling sales and quadrupling profit.

As senior vice president/general manager of Estée Lauder International, Bloom directed all activities of the Estée Lauder brand outside of the U.S. and Canada to ensure sales growth and profitability is consistent with division goals. Her responsibilities extended throughout all aspects of marketing and sales–including planning and performance of marketing, field marketing, finance and administration, creative marketing, public relations and education/training. Most importantly, she was responsible for promoting and protecting the Estée Lauder brand equity in order to maintain a “one world image.”

In 1999, Bloom assumed the position of executive vice president, Estée Lauder International, Inc., with primary responsibility for the Asia Pacific region. She had 10 general managers reporting to her, as well as full P&L responsibilities for more than one-third of the total international business. Her responsibilities covered the management of 11 brands marketed in the region.

Bloom became president of Bobbi Brown Professional Cosmetics, Inc. in February 2000. Her marketing and management expertise served to maximize the potential of this prestige cosmetic brand to its fullest potential on a global basis.

In 2003, Bloom assumed the presidency of The Fragrance Foundation, a global organization with a primary focus to build awareness and promote fragrance use around the world.

The symposium will also feature the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials’s (RIFM) Christen Sachse-Vasquez as a speaker. RIFM gathers and analyzes scientific data and engages in testing and safety evaluation of fragrance materials. RIFM works closely with IFRA to develop Standards as part of the Code of Practice with the final objective to protect the consumer and the environment. The RIFM Database is the starting point for material safety evaluations and group summary publications. It is the most comprehensive, worldwide source of toxicology data, literature and general information on fragrance and flavor raw materials.

Sachse-Vasquez was appointed as the technical manager of the RIFM toxicological database in 2005, and has direct responsibility for managing the staff and operations. Before joining RIFM, she worked at the New York City Housing Authority as a manager in the lead abatement and disclosure unit.

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