Augeo® Clean Multi – The right solution for fragrance solubilization


Fragrances are ingredients extremely complex in their composition and they also have additional components mainly to improve their compatibility with the formulations. However, there are more and more new demands, such as sustainability, competitiveness and multifunctionality that have driven the market to seek new solutions that could bring different benefits. Considering this, functional solubilizers are very important substances that can contribute to different functionalities and mainly to the durability of a fragrances. 

Aligned with the market needs, Solvay developed Augeo® Clean Multi, a sustainable solvent, derived from glycerin, with a focus on performance, environmental responsibility and economic viability.


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Augeo® Clean Multi is a solvent with low odor, classified as Low Vapor Pressure-VOC and with high solubilization power that allows the reduction of surfactants used in fragrances, in addition to the replacement of products derived from petrochemical sources, such as dipropylene glycol (DPG), a well-known fragrance diluent that can be replaced in a 1:1 basis by Augeo® Clean Multi.


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Besides being a more sustainable alternative with 40% lower carbon footprint, Augeo® guarantees the compatibility of fragrances and its higher volatility improves the diffusion of the fragrance, positively impacting fragrance blooming and the perception of cleanliness. 

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