Edible Perfume Melds Flavor and Fragrance

Seeking to give consumers a new way to experience fragrance, ingredient company Beneo partnered with Bulgarian confectionery manufacturer Alpi to develop Deo, a rose-scented, sugar-free candy. “Our market insights show that consumers are increasingly interested in health and well-being and are taking more care about beauty and outward appearance,” comments Wim Dries, area sales manager for Beneo. “Among the broad range of functional products available, those providing added-value in terms of beauty and cosmetics offer the food industry many opportunities.”

In the development of Deo, Beneo and Alpi choose the rose scent for its associations with Bulgarian rose oil and incorporated geraniol. Dries notes, “Geraniol leaves the body through the pores with a roselike scent. It is the primary constituent of oil-of-rose, palmarosa oil and citronella oil, and it occurs naturally in many plants such as rose, lavender, lemon, orange and vanilla.” Thus, when the candy is eaten, consumers enjoy a treat and then exude a rose scent afterward.

Of course, Beneo and Alpi also took care to make sure the candy tasted good. “The most important consideration in successfully marketing a new food product is taste, so the main goal here was to achieve a great-tasting candy,” Dries says. “Our Isomalt ingredient has a sugarlike taste and mild sweetness and thus supports the subtle rose flavor imparted by geraniol.” The candy also includes ingredients that make it low in calories and in sugar, keeping with the health and beauty theme.

Currently, Deo candy is being sold in Eastern European countries including Bulgaria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. “There is a definitely a buzz surrounding Deo. People are fascinated by the idea of perfume you can eat,” says Dries.

While Alpi continues to explore new markets for Deo, Beneo is also working to create similarly designed products. “We think the great interest in this product will provide the inspiration for further innovative ideas within the arena of functional candies,” Dries says.

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